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MacOnMacs: iTunes Scripts

iTunes is a great application, no question, but even the greatest applications have room for improvements. Thankfully, Apple has built scripting into iTunes so as to allow users to increase the program's functionality. First, I'll tell you how to install scripts in iTunes and then I'll point you to some good scripting resources.

Installing Scripts
  1. In the Finder, go to your Home folder and navigate to Library->iTunes (unfortunately iTunes scripts must be installed on a per-user basis, so you can't do this at the MacintoshHD->Library level).
  2. All your iTunes scripts will go into the Scripts folder here - if one doesn't exist then just create it (File->New Folder and name it "Scripts")
  3. Drag and drop any scripts you'd like to install into this folder and they will appear in the Scripts menu in iTunes (that's the scroll-looking icon between Window and Help in the iTunes menu bar). To activate a script, simply select it form the pulldown.

Some Good Free iTunes Scripts
  • Apple's iTunes Scripts let you Build CD Tray Inserts, Make Playlists By Artist, Remove Missing Tracks, and more.
  • Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes contain some absolute must-haves. There is a huge selection (over 375) of scripts you can download here, including ones to manage tracks and their info, manage playlists, control iTunes/iPods/other apps, manage files, and more. There are even some Automator actions here too!
  • Hubi's iTunes Scripts let you rename, move, and manage your tunes in a variety of ways. Scripts to swap Artist and Title (and other) tags are useful, creating a playlist of tracks that aren't in any other playlists is a good way to see if you've been missing some good listening, etc.
  • ...a simple search on Google or other search engine should yield plenty more results too.

If you haven't used scripts before then give them a try - it's very easy. So have fun in making a great app even better by adding some scripts to iTunes!
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