Tuesday, November 29, 2005

eyeCandy: Doom (2005) 2/5

Not that this comes as a big surprise, but Doom is not a very good movie. In fact, it's a pretty bad movie. Based on the popular 1993 video game, which has legendary status as one of the most embraced first person shooters ever, the movie suffers from the same ailments as (almost) all in this genre - no storyline combined with video game/comic book dialog.

The Rock fulfils his role as expected, though acting is definitely not a focus here. The film looks quite good, but not good enough to really sustain me through its 100 minute length. Probably the highlight of the whole thing, and part of what helped this get 2/5 (instead of 1/5!), is a great sequence where the movie naturally evolves into the first person view from the video game, complete with similar camera movement and action, but rendered in the context of the actual film. Very cool. Aside from that, this is pretty subpar fare in any context.

I'll be taking a rest from my recent spate of eyeCandy reviews in the past week, so look for something a little more tech oriented tomorrow ;-) .
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11/29/2005 10:01:00 p.m.  


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