Sunday, December 04, 2005

NewsFlash: Website Troubles, First Snow, and Solcola

For some reason I've been having troubles with domain name forwarding from my address to this blog. Someone pointed this out to me in an email recently and now It's only been working intermittently over the weekend. Anyway, have had a very busy weekend and will get an answer on this tomorrow (don't want to mess up my personal branding ;-) ).

I experienced the first snow of the season in Halifax tonight. Strangely enough it's been snowing a few times in Toronto (think we might have a shot of it in an upcoming commandN), and the first snow I saw this season was just outside of Toronto in mid-October! I've always loved the snow, and I very much missed it when I lived in Vancouver (drizzle is not an adequate substitute). I love how it brightens the outside, reflecting the winter sun off the snow, and how it changes the face of the world we see everyday. My friend, Jason, said something that stuck with me years ago, that he liked snow (and I suppose the same would apply with heavy rain) because it's the only time you really get to see the wind. I always thought that was an interesting thought.

Finally, my band, Solcola, has been getting a bunch of new tracks ready for our upcoming album. We've got the whole band in on writing sessions, which is great for me because I think the collective effort will give this project a lot of momentum as we go into the new year. I'll be posting some demos on the website in the next few weeks.
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