Thursday, January 25, 2007

MacOnMacs: Judge your "experts" wisely

I just finished reading the Wharton Prof. (Widely) Misses Point of Apple Name-Change on Wired's Cult of Mac blog. The title of the article is a little misleading in that the name change argument is just one of three major points brought up by the writer about how wrong-headed people can be when evaluating technology products. The three points Wired disputes are:
  • Design is just about being cool (relative to the iPhone);
  • People will be disappointed by the video quality of the Apple TV (talking about how 480p upconverted to 720p is somehow lacking compared with most people's viewing habits); and
  • the titular Apple dropping "Computer" is a sign of surrender (drawing some terribly false conclusions about why Apple Computer Inc. has become Apple Inc.).
I think the Wired writer makes some very compelling points and really demonstrates that people need to take some of these "expert opinions" with a serious grain of salt (see: every iPod-killer article ever written).

I'm not being an Apple fanboy here, this kind of uninsightful reporting is done all over the place, but I think this shows the value in knowing whose content you're reading and, even if you find them reliable, backing this up with a little exploration of your own. In any case, just wanted to draw your attention to this PLUS Wired's Cult of Mac blog is great reading for all you Mac-heads out there, so you should check it out.
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1/25/2007 08:41:00 a.m.  


Anonymous John said...

As far off base as the assertions that whizbang has made, I am not the least bit surprised.

January 25, 2007 8:29 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff MacArthur said...

It's funny how people talk about having a hate-on for Microsoft a lot, but there's a fair crowd of Apple dissers out there too.

I can see little other justification for some of the anti-Apple remarks I've read (not just r.e. the iPhone) than a pre-existing bias (not that there aren't some justifiably negative remarks too).

PS: There's a second part to this story on Cult of Mac today too, though it's not as cutting.


January 26, 2007 9:20 a.m.  
Anonymous marina said...

I think the Computerworld piece has valid arguments on Apple announcing the iPhone six months early, but the author makes no mention of the FCC as a reason for the introduction.

...I have been a fan of CommandN since the second or third episode and have enjoyed all of your web picks.



January 30, 2007 5:18 p.m.  
Blogger Jeff MacArthur said...

Hi marina,

Thanks for your post.

It's funny how people give Apple slack for not announcing products in advance and then, when they do, there's just more complaining. :-) It's not like Apple is the only one in that situation, but I've seen so much about this with the iPhone (the iTV/appletv is another example).

Nice blog BTW.


February 01, 2007 2:57 p.m.  

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