Wednesday, October 12, 2005

newsFlash: Apple Announces iPod Video and iMac iSight/Remote

In typical Apple fashion, a combination of awesome and annoying, today's much-anticipated news announcement was held at venue with neither cell reception or wireless access so as to avoid any leaks of what was being presented - too funny! :-) Thankfully, what was presented is awesome...

iPod Video: Well the rumours can now cease - Apple has finally announced a video-capable iPod. The new 30GB and 60GB iPod models feature a 2.5 inch colour display, 20 hours of battery life, and are even smaller than previous iPods. As I predicted, this release conincides with the iTunes store selling music videos and more (iTunes 6 is waiting for download in Software Update). Apple has inked a deal with ABC and Disney television, allowing you to download shows like Lost and Desperate Housewives for $1.99 a show (Pixar is also supplying its fantastic video shorts online as well). Think it might be annoying to try to watch these on your iPod? No worries, you can run an S-video cable from your iPod's video out to your telly to watch the goodness fullscreen. So we'll finally realize the podcast evolution and be able to get our commandN vidcast into your pocket!

iMac w/ built in iSight and Remote: But wait, there's more! The new iMac is not only slimmer than previous versions (I think I see a theme here :-) ), but it also comes with a built in iSight for video conferencing and photo taking (including the new PhotoBooth application, which allows you to take photos with your iMac, add some fun effects, and share with your friends). Even cooler, Apple has built in an iPod Shuffle-inspired remote control and FrontRow functionality which lets you browse videos, photos, and music from up to 10 feet away from your Mac!

I almost feel a little silly getting so excited about Apple announcements, but when they deliver such cool, quality products as these, I'll take the Mac geek hit and love it! ;-)
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10/12/2005 08:52:00 p.m.  


Anonymous Elisa said...

The one thing I'm concerned about with the iPod video is the battery life. With the color display and video content... is it going to suck the juice out of the battery with just a few hour of viewing?

I watched the event at Apple's site last night and I have to say Steve Jobs is one of the best public speakers ever. He could announce the phonebook as a new Mac product and people would be wow'd ;) ... the Photo Booth demo was hilarious.

I'm still a bit disappointed at the new iPod design as I posted on my blog. I like the older 20Gb model which was less edgy... rounder around all corners and I'm a bit concerned about the possible scratch issues to the surface as well although Apple finally had the good sense to ship a protective case with the iPod.

Oh, I posted a picture of the new iTunes 6 video section on my blog which you might like to see since it features commandN pretty prominently ;)

And hey don't worry about the Mac geekness, you're definitely not the only one. I was refreshing my RSS feeds like a mad person and reading the Engadget as they posted about the new products.

October 13, 2005 5:37 a.m.  
Blogger Jeff MacArthur said...

Hi Elisa - Yeah, we'll have to see about the battery life thing. Although its listed as having an improved 20 hour battery life, I'm sure that's not watching episode after episode of Desperate Housewives :-) .

After reading your post, I went and watched the video feed for the Apple announcement - aside from a couple of repititious parts, I was totally glued to my computer. Stevie's quite a saleman (and even got a couple of chuckles out of me).

In terms of the edgy thing - it is hard to get used to. When I first saw the new iTunes (I guess it's the previous iTunes now), I was so disappointed at the "squarish" look - just like that ugly new Mail app in Tiger! :-) I guess I'm getting used to it, but I hear ya.

And believe me, commandN will be pushing hard to get on all those new iPods! And I am embracing my Mac geekiness - this blog was my real "coming out" :-) .

Thanks for the comments!

October 13, 2005 8:02 p.m.  

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