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inPrint: Macworld (November 2005) 5/5

Well the guys at Macworld must feel a little silly when their magazine comes out with an opening editorial talking about "the Future of the iPod" and a full article on "Picking the Right iPod" without being able to mention the new video-capable iPods and new iTunes b/c Apple's "One More Thing" announcement and Macworld's press-time missed one another by a few days :-) . However, as usual, the rest of the magazine is great.

This issue has as its focus "Spinning a Better Web", which includes a ton of great tips for getting more out of the web, and supplements a review of all the major web browsers. Articles in this section include:

the Secrets of Safari 2.0: Some stand outs in this section include how to extend Safari using Saft, which adds more than 25 very useful features; PDF Browser Plugin to help those of us who need more robust PDF viewing in our browser; SafariSource, which adds sytax colouring to source views; AcidSearch, which adds a pulldown to choose a number of search engines in the standard Google search box; and more.

the Power User's Guide to Firefox: This article made me want to use Firefox more (if it weren't for that darn .Mac syching I like so much!), it just seems you can do almost anything with it. Extending Firefox is a very helpful section here - I used Tab X to put a close button on each tab (instead of only one at the end of the tab row - bad design); the Brushed Theme to get a more Mac-like look; miniT so that I could rearrange my tabs; Firefoxy to beautify web-page controls; and the fantastic SessionSaver, which saves the state of your browser on close and reopens it exactly how you left it (and I mean exactly: windows, tabs, contents of web forms, scroll bar positions, etc.).

the Best Blogging Tools for Mac: Tips on Blogging for Photographers, ratings and reviews for Blogger, Typepad, etc., and more.

the Web Pro's Tool Kit: Thank you Macworld for answering a request I had from a commentor on my blog who asked about exactly this. To preface the following and to more fully answer that visitor's question, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive are the two main professional Web design apps. Here, Macworld presents some lower cost options (the cross-platform open source NVU for web design), points us to some royalty-free images (e.g. MorgueFile), gives us a way to help pick colours for the web (Color Schemer Online and others), supplies us with an online measuring tape (MeasureIt), and much more.

If the above topics interest you then definitely pick up this issue, as I've just scratched the surface here - there are tons of great web tips and all the other usual outstanding content.
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