Wednesday, September 28, 2005

eyeCandy: Robots (2005) 4/5

Having worked in the computer animation industry for a while, I've gotten in the habit of seeing almost all of the animated movies that come out. But since I've moved to Halifax, I haven't had the Mainframe or EA crew to go out in gaggles on opening night, so I waited for Robots' DVD release yesterday before seeing it.

Although not as strong as Blue Sky's first outing, Ice Age, Robots looks great and has a good heart/message (and even a couple of chuckles). Apparently the idea for doing a movie about robots came long before the story for Robots, and you can sort of tell - the movie feels like a collection of cool scenes more than a continuous story. Oh, and I'd love to see a new animated "kids" flick that avoided gastronomical jokes entirely, which is not the case here :-) . That said, Robots is enjoyable enough for adults and I'm sure kids would like it. There's been great efforts made to present a very compelling, original robot world, and the voice acting is well done too (Ewan McGregor sans accent, Robin Williams being zany, Mel Brooks, etc.).

PS: Part of the reason I nudged this up to 4/5 is that I'm pretty sure I could have loved this just for the scenery if I had gone to see the Imax release ;-) .
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